At This Station 8.5x11 Giclée Print is currently Sold Out! :(

original is 24″×24″
mixed-media (oil & fabric on canvas)
© 2002 Rachel Pearsey

original is sold

description on back of card:
I paint on quilts because I love the challenge, and I love the depth that the layers create.  The color of the fabric showing through the images is almost magical.  I am fascinated by the push and pull of the quilt and the image, each simultaneously taking the foreground and being relegated to the background.  They are mysteriously reminiscent of memories fading in and out of view.  As quilts are passed on to the next generation, so the stories of our lives must be passed on, from generation to generation, so they will not be forgotten.  At different stations in life, we often distance ourselves from other generations.  Starting this day, we can each choose to bridge the gap, and take the time to share and to listen.

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