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Archival Giclée Art Prints are signed and numbered, limited edition reproductions of original paintings. Each painting is professionally photographed for a high resolution image. The image is then color corrected to exactly match the original. It is printed with high quality giclée technology using pigment inks and archival paper, for light-fast permanence.
Each print comes with a signed Certificate of Authenticity and a description of the painting.

The 13″ × 19″ or 8.5″ × 11″dimension indicates the full size of the paper. Actual image sizes vary depending on the proportions of the original. Large Prints of square images are 11.5″ × 11.5″ on 13″ × 15″ paper.


 Artist's Statement for the Generations Series:

Roots are vitally important for the life of a tree. They establish and anchor the tree, and they store and transfer water and nutrients to sustain the tree. A tree with healthy, deep roots tapping into a water source need not fear when it endures high winds and drought and fire. In the same way, being deeply rooted in the love of Jesus Christ and meditating on His Word will result in an unshakeable strength, endurance, and fruitfulness.

We have the responsibility to provide such a foundation for the generation that follows us. And we have the choice to run our own roots deep into the stories of those who have gone before us, and there find an anchor that enables us to endure. The trees of our lives will be sustained, and the stories of our lives will be preserved.

The process of canning fruit fascinates me. The trees bear their fruit in season, but then if we diligently store it away in jars, it will be saved and preserved, to be enjoyed in the season that follows. In the same way, when we tell the stories from our lives to the next generation, the stories are preserved.

Each of us bears a story of all that has shaped our lives. The fabric used in these quilts comes from old clothes, each with their own story. Different pieces, making a beautiful whole. So it is with the events in our lives, families and communities, and these stories must be passed on and preserved, from generation to generation, so they will not be forgotten.

We must remember our heritage, remember the many ways that God has shown His faithfulness in the past, so that we will be quick to trust Him and praise Him in the present!


At This Station


Child Taste My Story


Chronicle For This Generation


Common Place




Every Year You Grow

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