Common Place

original is 36″×36″
mixed-media (oil & fabric on canvas)
© 2000 Rachel Pearsey

original is available

description on back of card:
The fabrics I have used in this quilt come from old clotheswith unique histories and stories.   As quilts are passed on  to the next generation, so the stories of our lives must be passed on, from generation to generation, so they will not be forgotten.   We must remember our heritage, and the many ways that God has shown His faithfulness in the past, so that we will be quick to trust Him and praise Him in the present.
 My grandfather would tell me the stories of my great-grandfather who lived in Russia with his German immigrant family.  He told
of how they had to escape, and how they came to America for religious freedom.  Those stories made a powerful impression on me.     
When I visited Central Asia, near the region my family came from, I was very moved by the tie of common place that bound me to the generations that lived before me.

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