Season of Sabbath (giclée print - Friday Outlet)

When I was first testing the Giclée Printing process, I had a business make these large 13x19 prints of "Season of Sabbath". They were made with archival paper, but the business did not guarantee the longevity of the inks they used.  They will probably remain light-fast for years without fading, but I can't guarantee them as I can all my other Giclée Prints, which are made with pigment ink and proven to last over 100 years.  So if guaranteed longevity isn't an issue for you, here's a great deal! Only $25 (others of this size sell for $60). Only 7 available in the Friday Outlet.


original is 27″×49″ (original is SOLD)
mixed-media (oil & fabric on canvas)
© 2002 Rachel Pearsey

Trees bear their fruit in season, but then if we diligently store it away in jars, it will be saved and preserved, to be enjoyed in the season that follows.  In the same way, when we tell the stories from our lives to the next generation, those stories are preserved.  In the winter, when all the fruits of our lives have been enjoyed by those who are coming after, we rest, and await the glorious spring.  Each of us bears a story of all that has shaped our lives.  The fabrics used in this quilt come from old clothes with unique stories.  The different pieces make up a beautiful whole. So it is with the events in our lives, families, and communities.  These stories must be passed on and preserved, from generation to generation, so they will not be forgotten.