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These books arrived from the printer with slight imperfections that are hardly noticeable because the printed cover is designed to look like an old, worn, well-loved book.  But I cannot sell a less-than-perfect book for full price, so here's your opportunity for a discount (over 25% off)!  Click through the images to see some examples of the imperfections - either a scratch on the back (the majority), or some spots in the lamination, or a damaged corner.

Hardcover Art Book
Arabic-English Edition
11.7 × 8.3 in. (21×30cm)
52 pages
Special Features:

~ Double-gatefold insert at the center, which opens out to 39" with the painting Abraham’s Seed.
~ Arabic orientation, reads from right to left.

Published by AL KALIMA & KITABBUNA Distributing in Lebanon
ISBN: 978-9953-505-37-4

Click HERE to read more description and see sample pages from the book.

 Original Price: $39